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Århus Bight

Coming from the North, Århus Bight is the first part of Denmark that looks like Denmark. Rather shallow, and with outlying islands, it's a fairly sheltered cruising ground. The outlying islands are pretty, if rather quiet.

There are a number of marinas in the area, but many of them are out of town. This makes them suitable for long term stay, or laying up in the winter, but not much as a destination. Among these are Kalovig, Egå, and Øer Havn.

Århus is a major city, and well worth a visit. Ebeltoft is a tourist attraction, and Hov (also known as Hou) a small fishing village.


The main attractions at Ebeltoft are the attractive medieval town buildings, and the frigate Jylland which is now a restaurant. In the summer, the town becomes a major tourist attraction with many day trippers.

Ebeltoft is the nearest civilisation to Århus airport (and Ryanair to the UK), however the airport bus, goes in the other direction to Århus itself.


Denmark’s second city, and a wonderful shopping centre. The main marina is to North, in the harbour area. Although ostensibly near the town, we find the harbour unattractive and the marina full or with very small boxes. A better bet would be to go to Marselisborg to the south of the city and get a short tram ride in. Marselisborg is a bit like Port Solent and has restaurants, shops and a chandlers.


Also know as Hou, this is a tiny fishing and ferry hamlet with (just about) mooring room along the quay. It is reached by a short buoyed channel off the main route from Århus south. There are a few boxes both in the harbour, and the marina to south of the harbour but these are usually full. There are a few shops in the High Street and a couple of restaurants, but little of note.

Just south of Hov the water is clear and shallow. Its an odd feeling to be doing 6 knots over the ground when you can see the bottom!

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