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Langeland is a popular destination for German sailing schools, who seem to have 'round Langeland' as their weeks objective. Despite this, it's a pretty and pleasant destination - but the marinas fill early.

Bagenkop, situated on the southern tip, is an interesting ferry port, but Spodsbjerg is preferable, despite the absence of much civilisation. Rødkoping is the islands main town.

Langeland itself is really a farming island with a considerable holiday atmosphere. Not as flat as you might think (we climbed a 21 metre hill!), the Danes take their picnics seriously, and facilities are laid on at the most out of the way places.


Fun and games in the harbour


Bagenkop is situated on the southern tip of Langeland, only about 20 miles from Kiel, and is a popular day trip or weekend destination for German locals. The marina gets full after about 4pm on a weekend so arrive early.

There is little in the village apart from a Supermarket, but the harbour boasts a reasonable fish restaurant, as well as the ubiquitous kiosk.

The marina cost 135 Kronor - about €18. The harbour seems to be kitted out with all mod cons, including a free Washing Machine and also a plumbed in Internet. Electric is available on the quay, but there are not many points, so people just tee off using multiway connectors. Water is also available, but with only two standpipes, not all berths can reach them.

There is a daily ferry to Kiel.


Spodsjberg Marina

Sailiing School Fun and Games

We didn't mean to go to Spodsbjerg. We started off going to Gedser, then we decided to go to Vejro, then Gedser again, and finally ended up in Spodsbjerg. We probably covered about 3 times the distance to get there. Its main claim to fame is the ferry terminal (ferries to Lolland, every hour or so), but a new marina has been built next to the fishing harbour. It seems, from observation, that the marina serves two sets of clientele - the fishermen, who hire the 50-60 small boats available for day fishing, and German sailing schools on a round-langeland trip. That said, it’s a very pretty place, with a decent small supermarket, and a hotel/restaurant.

Being new, (1998) the marina facilities are quite good, and there is a free (hourly) bus to the main town on Langeland - Rudkøping.

Although its small, we rather liked Spodsbjerg - perhaps because we didn't expect much - it's a good little stop, and the only one on the East coast of Langeland.


Rudkoping High Street

Rudkoping Marina

Rudkøping is the main town on Langeland. The local tourist offices make quite a lot of it, but frankly, we thought it was a little run down, and didn't do the rest of the island justice. Since the bridge to the mainland was built, the main road now bypasses the town.

The harbour has something of an air of decay, although moves seem afoot to smarten it up. The buses terminate in a rather run down version of what was once the railway station. The marina is somewhat better, with a decent hotel, restaurant and swimming baths (?). The bridge makes a great backdrop.

The side streets have some old houses. There is also a statue of the towns most famous son: Hans Christian Ørsted, who discovered magnetism.

There are three supermarkets in the town centre, and an interesting jewelers shop, with some off beat pieces. There is supposed to be a Internet cafe, but it was closed for the duration when we were there.

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