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Little Belt

Probably the most famous cruising waters in Denmark, the Little Belt is the quickest route for yachts sailing from the north through to Kiel.

Technically, Bogense is not part of the Little Belt, but is a considerable town on the Island of Fyn. It is however a good sailing centre. The nearby conservation area of Æblø Island is a popular anchorage.

The larger towns in the area are generally at the head of fjiords (e.g. Vjele, Horsens etc), but Middelfart in the narrows has a certain charm as does Assens. Arøsund is on the other side of the sound to Assens, on a shorter route if travelling down through Sonderborg.

Not mentioned here, but well worth a stop, are Juelsminde (excellent fish restaurant), Fredericia (interesting walled town) and Kolding.

There are two options here. You can moor in the harbour itself, which is quite close to the town, but can get crowded. An alternative is in the large marina, which is about 3 miles away on the other side of the island. It is then a 10-15 minute walk back into town. Middelfart has good road and railway connections to the rest of Denmark, and a town of some character. The views from the waterside up through the little belt with the various bridges are stunning. You can walk along the shore to the exceptional (and pricey) KongebroGaarden hotel, which has its own small marina.

An small industrial town with a large marina – guest berths are in the first row of boxes that you come to. The shipbuilders on the banks of the harbour can be interesting. There is a chandlers and reasonable restaurant in the marina, or you have a 15 minute walk to the town which has more choice. The town has a good range of shops and supermarkets. There is more here than at Arø on the other side of the sound.


There's not much to say about Arøsund. It's really a ferry stop out to the island of Arø, with a small dormitory marina. It just happens to be about half way between the narrows and Sonderborg. There is one hotel. There is also a small marina on the island itself, which may be preferable.


Mannekin Piss

Bogense Harbour



Bogense, situated on the North coast of Fyn, is known as ‘the city of mermaids’. It is a fully fledged sailing centre.

The town is small, but not without character. A walk round the northern part, round by the church, is quite rewarding, as there are many old houses, including the smallest in Denmark. The church has a commanding position looking out over the sound. A footpath follows the coast from the Church along to Otterup - a large moor area.

One of Bogense’s claims to fame is a copy of Mannekin Piss. This is an exact replica of the famous statue in Brussels, and was donated by a local following an improbable story about being rescued from a ferry as a baby (Dont ask, you'll just have to go there)

A few miles northeast of Bogense (by water) lies the Island of Aeblo. This is now largely uninhabited and a conservation area. Its possible to walk out via a causeway, but much more popular as a weekend anchorage. There are bouys just off the old harbour.

The nicest part of Bogense is the restored harbour area. The old fishing harbour has been renovated and can be used as an alternative to the marina. Although a few fishing boats are still around, the quay has been rebuilt with a few posh shops, including a chandlers and a wine shop.

The best restaurant to our mind was the Rogeriet, (Vestre Havenvej 29A) tucked away behind the fishing boats, alongside the Harbour wall. It does both Lunches and Dinners in some style, and is considerably more adventurous then the standard Danish fare. The Marina restaurant, (Restuarant Marinetten) above the Harbour master, was also doing a roaring trade. There are a number of other resturants in the town, notably the Bogense Hotel, and Den Gamle Kobmandsgard

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