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Hanö Bight

Date:Saturday 5th July to Friday 11th July

Distance : 102miles.

Weather : Peasouper - again, then sunshine, but light winds.

Allinge Harbour FestivalWe meant to leave Bornholm on the Saturday, but got up late (again), so we went to the Allinge harbour festival instead by bus. As in Korsor, the harbour games are simple, endearing, and would almost certainly fail to get public immunity insurance in the UK.

We finally left on the Sunday - in viz which, if anything, was worse than that in which we arrived. One guy left but came back again as he wasn't happy. We however had that magic ingredient - radar! It was immensely comforting to see those echoes out there, and at one stage we were astonished to see a small echo we were tracking emerge through the gloom - it was a pot marker! We figured that if it can spot something that small, it should easily see something as large as a ferry!

Sailing across to SimrishamnThe gloom lifted and then came down again. At one stage we had the amazing situation of complete fog on one side of the boat, and bright sunshine, and good viz on the other! Eventually, the wind filled in and we had an excellent sail across to Simrishamn.

We then discovered that a boat that is 3.6 meters wide doesn't really fit into a 3.7 meter wide mooring box if you have the fenders down. By judicious fender rearrangement (and some kicking) we got wedged in. (Maybe a 4 meter box in future). The marina rapidly filled up to overflowing.

Swans at SimrishamnThe swans in Simrisamn had seen it all. One was so forward it would feed out of your hand.

After another day bunking off (sorry - conducting research) we filled up with diesel (thus correcting the slight list to starboard we were acquiring) and left for Århus. After the crush of Simrishamn, Århus came as a pleasant surprise. Maybe because it is off the 'circuit' of people rushing up the east coast, it was quiet. The entry too is off-putting - heavily industrial, but once past this, there is a veryArhus from the Sea pleasant, sheltered, river setting. This time, we got a big enough box)

Then - off to Hanö, a small rocky holiday island. Eventually, about 35 boats rafted up in a small fishing harbour, rocked by the swell. Arhus inlandWatching everyone squeeze in was an entertainment. A guy we spoke to later said that he had been there the day before and was almost on his own - strange.

Another 30 miles on was Karlskrona, the county town of South east Sweden. This is surrounded by its own beautiful archipelago - a mini version of the ones on the east coast. It was our introduction to archipelago navigation - charts in the cockpit - rocks and marks in all directions.

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