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The Skippers Log- Part 2

Date: Saturday 2 August to Friday 8th August

Distance : 30 miles (twice)..

Weather : Lovely sailing weather.

Topless sunbathingTypical! This scurvy crew only let me write the log when they are too busy sunbathing and swimming. There been a lovely breeze all week and its all I can do to get them to get the sails out.

Monday, they had to go and get her leg in for its 3 week MOT, so we went nowhere. I spent the time having a bit of a sunbathe and talking to the new bottle opener.

BattleshipsOn Tuesday, we set off for an anchorage at Ringsön. Nice sail down, with me doing my bit on the winches. Unfortunately, there's no grog shops at Ringsön, so I made them play battleships with me in the evening.

Wednesday, we had a good sail to Trosa. At one point we were doing over 6 knots on just a working jib. I wanted them to get more sail up but they just ignored me. Kept going on about 'tricky navigation' and 'flukey winds'. This navigation stuff is simple -  if you see a rock, go round it!

Doing my bitTrosa was alright, if heaving. Its a very pretty town just an hour or so from Stockholm so attracts a lot of day trippers. On the Wednesday evening there was a band in the park - well, not the sort of band I'm used to, this was a dance band - 3 people singing 60s pop songs in Swedish. Actually they weren't bad, but the folk singer was having a hard time in the resturant next door.

On Thursday the marina emptied out mysteriously, and they went and bought the entire contents of the local Watski to make some fender blankets (whatever they are). Oh, and she bought some more cushions. You cant move for cushions on this boat. If we get any more it'll be like a bouncy castle.

Unfortuately, we had to go all the way back to Nyköping at the weekend to pick A mobile homeup Richard for the canal next week, so back we trouped. A bit more wind this time, and we actually got both sails out for a change...

They are odd, these Swedish people. They have the oddest mobile homes. We came across one just outside Aspo. I did like the verandah though...

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