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The Last Trip

Date: Tuesday 9th September to Thursday 11th September

Distance : 47 miles

Weather : A few days of rain then - sunshine!

AssensTuesday blew a hooly so we laid over and went for a walk. It rained early on Wednesday but showed signs of brightening up, so we set off for Assens. The weather cheered up, the wind dropped out completely and the sea was like glass. Assens turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, as we couldn't find a decent restuarant to eat in - something that was to dog us for the last few days of the trip - we never ate a decent meal in Denmark again, and we're not that fussy!

On Thursday we set off for the last leg to the yard that is going to look after Kissen for the winter. Joy of joys, we actually had a great sail. A long broad reach was followed by a beat up the fijord - sailing past another yacht in the process. It's great fun when they try to better you by fiddling with their sails, and you just sail straight through!

The skipper seems to have cheered up immensely since he's discovered he's looking after the boat Kissen's Shedon his own for a few days. We think he's planning a party! The last sail was accompanied by him shouting instructions from his bunk below.

Kissen is to share a shed with 79 other boats. The yard we're using has all the latest toys. The latest one is the only Boat Travelift in Northern Europe which can be remote controlled. The guy reckons he can motor your boat up to the lift, raise it out of the water, and then drive around the marina - all without leaving the cockpit!

So that's it for this year - we've travelled over 1700 miles, been away for over 100 days, and taken over 1100 photographs. We've been to some stunning places and met some wonderful people. In short, we've had a wonderful time.

Listen to the skipper's views on the cruise here (135kb)

Now, about next year.....

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