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The North Sea

Date: Sunday 27th May

Distance : 127 miles.

Weather : Fair, SW 13 knots

Nigel was late, of course. Not because he was late driving down from Stafford, Oh No. He was late because he had stopped at the best resturant in Harwch for 'breakfast'. After 15 minutes waiting around in mystification, a phone call revealed all.

We left Harwich around 10AM, and were at the North Shipwash by 12:15. It would probably been a reasonable spinnaker run straight across to Ijmuiden if only the Spini hadnt been twisted in the sock, and, nervous about not being able to get it down, we let it be. (It took 30 mins on the pontoon later to sort out the twist)

Cigaratte Break14:00:  We were crossing the Gabbard, and Nigel was sleeping of his breakfast....Tea's Up

15:00: Not a thing in sight. Nigel wants to know if anyone fancies anything to eat?

19:00, across the shipping lanes and time for something to eat. Nigel's cooking...

Midnight : The North Sea is littered with Oil and Gas rigs. The Ninjin field is a complex off of Holland. We passed close to the most Northerly rig of the complex, but Pat swears it was moving. These things are lit up like christmas trees, but it is still surprising the amount of traffic passing close by, outside the lanes, at night. If I was on one of these rigs, I'd feel a bit vulnerable.

Tired Again06:00 Ijmuiden. One of the ironies of sailing, is that many of the destinations are hardly romantic landfalls, particularly around the UK and Europe. Still, the power stations can be seen from a long way off. A curious feature of the Dutch coast are long foam streaks on the sea. You can see these things from a plane. I wonder why they form?

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