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The Store Belt & Smälands Farvandet

Date: Wednesday 4th June to Monday 16th June

Distance : About 100 miles.

Weather : Either F6/7 and Thunderstorms, or F3 and sunny. Laterly NW F4/5

We had a major indecision period on Tuesday. Changed our minds about where to go three times, and twice went back on ourselves. Its been blowing strong westerlies and we couldn't make up our mind whether to go to Copenhagen via the outside (easy, long) or inside (more difficult, shorter) route, and ended up drifting up the Store Belt instead. Maybe next week...

The controversy this week has been the Great Kitchen Roll Conundrum. Before we left the UK, I made, with great care, a Kitchen Roll holder, to stop the damn things lying around the boat. It was carefully made to fit the usual Kitchen Rolls you can buy in the UK. Well, guess what - Danish Kitchen rolls are wider (26.5cms vs 23cms) and they don't fit my nice holder! What are the chances of that happening? What's the EU for anyway, if not for conformance in Kitchen Roll Sizes? I shall write to my MP...

Good spinnaker reach up the belt on Thursday. We crept out early with one other boat so as not to wake the couples on the loveboats (why is the girl always much younger than the bloke?) and to get our ropes on the next jetty before the Germans. The forecast F5 turned out to be a F3/4 and we realised that our companion was getting away from us using his kite - so up went ours. A satisfactory hour later, we left him in the dust. Pat swears we hit 8 knots, but the log only reads 7.8...

After a couple of days in Korsor, we ran down to Vejro, which is a private island in the middle of nowhere. Their only income seems to be the yacht harbour. We then another good run to cross Smälands Farvandet, a stretch of water between the Danish Islands of Sjelland and Lolland. Its a short cut to Copenhagen. There are a number of hazards going this way including a bridge with only 20m clearance (we cleared it), and a route which has only 2.1 meters of water at MSL - in the channel. The navigation is also challenging as the channel winds its way around the sandbanks. The hazards however are worth it for the scenery. 

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