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Date: Tuesday 17th June to Monday 23rd June

Distance : About 50 miles.

Weather : Bloody awful. Gales all week.

Stege BuchtA lovely sail from Vejro, across Smälands Farvandet, through the Storstrom to Kalvehave. Then an exciting trip out through Stege Bucht and the Bøgestrom to Rødvig, and from there to Copenhagen. The Storstrom and Stege Bucht have extremely narrow, winding, shallow channels which require exacting navigation, but we had a good wind angle and managed to have a really good sail all the way. This route really epitomises what cruising sailing is all about. In some places the main channel is less than 100 metres across, and the water depth less than 2 meters. The scenery is stunning, and, to add a little spice, some local fishermen lay pots in the channel.

Unfortunately, its difficult to do justice to the trip in pictures, but you'll have to take our word for it.

We decided to stay south of Copenhagen, as, with the Swedish Bank Holiday coming up, we figured things would be busy. The forecast for the week ahead looked (and turned out to be, abysmal) so we holed up at Brondby. Brondby is part of the Strandparken Nature reserve, an area of beaches and marinas just south of Copenhagen. Look left, and all you can see are swans, lakes, and grass. Look leftUnfortunately, look right and all you can Look rightsee is the Nuclear power station!

As Brondby turned out not to be as close to the s-Tog as we'd planned, we've got plenty of exercise yomping into town!

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