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Date: Tuesday 24th June to Saturday 28th June

Distance : About 25 miles.

Weather : Constant Sunshine - no wind

After the disgusting weather in Copenhagen last week it was astonishing to arrive in Sweden in a heatwave. We should have left on the Wednesday but didn't get up in time, so blew a day. Following day the sun arrived and off we went.

You have to watch what you're doing round here. In the UK its common to come across pot markers - floating (unlit) bouys dropped by fishermen, but they don't have Fliesropes between them and its possible to sail right through - here, they have areas reserved for netting, where the things are connected together. These, it conspires, are marked on the paper chart, but not on the electronic plotter!

We amused ourselves for a while plane spotting. The track ran right under Copenhagen airport approach. Half way across the sound, we encountered a plague of flies. They covered anything vaguely white (including us).

Wood BargeThen we saw a tug towing what looks like the product of a large forest on a barge. We didn't get close enough to see what held all these logs on, but we'd just had a Navtex message saying that a 10m log was floating around somwhere....

To cap a lovely day, we picked a mooring box in Malmo between two fairly large yachts. We knew it would be a tight fit, as the poles were quite close together, but I didn't allow for the screws The Scratchstcking out of the Comfortina 35 next door, which took a gash out of our gelcoat.


After a couple of days R&R in Malmo, we then made for Höllviken, for the Viking Festival. Höllviken is the marina attached to the Falsterbo Canal, a short cut if you are going east. We arrived and didn't like the look of the marina, so after waiting for the bridge (on the hour) we trucked on to Gislövesläge, a small hamlet outside Trelleborg. We the witnessed then spectacle of a ferry trucking backwards up the whole entrance channel, presumably because there was no room to turn inside the harbour.

And then we met our first Brit - Derek from the Isle of Wight. 

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