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Date: Wednesday 2nd July to Friday 4th July

Distance : 38.5 miles.

Weather : Peasouper- vis 200yds

Hammershus MarinaIt was "one of those days", the day we set off for Bornholm. Ivan, having let go of the stern warps accidentally, (so nothing holding the boat back), rushed back into the cockpit, tripped, and saved himself by leaning heavily on the throttle lever........No we didn't hit the pontoon, luckily Pat was up front. Reversing out of the box with Pat carefully checking the warp to keep the nose straight, she was dismayed to see the end tied on by Ivan disappear into the water! Suprisingly we managed to get out without hitting anything or anyone.

Visibility was excellent - on occasions the fog lifted enough for us to see the exit to the marina. However, the radar proved very useful and comforting - until we came across another yacht which didn't appear on the radr at all!

HelligpederFairly uneventful, monosyllabic  journey across, by mid-morning the fog had lifted.

What can I say about our arrival in Rønne..Hmm. Well we tried to lose the second lifebouy (again) but this one isnt giving up that easily, then Pat was unsurprised to see the warp (tied on by you know who!) holding our stern to the post, slowly unravel itself into the drink just as Ivan was about to pile off the front. A bemused old chap on the pontoon gave us a hand and eventually we were snug in our berth. Just time for a quick reccy than back to the boat for a G&T and a good laugh at all the other idiots trying to squeeze into berths just a little on the tight side.  Oh and lend a hand too!

A visitorTo cap off what eventually turned out to be a fine day weather wise, we dined in the cockpit where Ivan knocked his Aquavit all over the tablecloth. He gathered up the cloth and shook the crumbs etc overboard and was puzzled by something metallic floating down to the seabed. Mistified he stood and wached the object till it was out of sight, still no clue as to what it was.

We later discovered it was his prescription photochromics at nearly £200 a pair.

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