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New for 2007

English Language Version of Swedish Pilot

The hugely valuable Nautiska Forlarget books have just got a lot more useful, with the first one now published in English. The Arholma-Landsort book for the Stockholm Achipelago (and Gotland) has been updated and includes a number of new nature harbours, as well as chartlets for some of the marinas. (you can see our review here)

It should be available from all good Swedish bookshops as well as the usual Scandanvian Chart agents (see the Charts page).

RCC Norwegan Pilot

Imary are producing a new english language pilot book by Judy Lomax for Norway. As part of their excellent RCC pilotage foundation series, its likely to be similar in style to their existing Baltic Sea publication. Although originally due out in February, rumours are that it may have slipped to June. We'll be reviewing it when we get a copy.

It should be available from all good UK bookshops (including Amazon) as well as other outlets in Scandanavia.

Finish Yachting Charts
Finnish Chart Pack

The entire Finnish coast is covered by seven Chart Folios, suitable, in fact essential, for yachtsmen. All of them have now been changed from the local Finnish format into International (INT7) colours, with the exception of Pack B, The Quark.

This year, the FMA will be updating Pack B (Helsinki - Parainen) in April. This is the pack that gets you from Hanko to Helsinki.

CD versions are also available as well as Cmap etc. The charts are available from Troil Marin, among others. Full details on the Finnish Marine Administration website.

High-resolution Swedish Charts
The Skipper

Hydrographica continue to bring out high resolution (1:10000) charts for the Stockholm Archipelago and are increasingly adding more for the southern and western coasts. They currently produce 26 charts which open up otherwise unnavigable areas and this year they are bringing out 11 more.

In 2007 they will publish 3 in the Stockholm archipelago (including 2 around Moja, one of our favourite areas), 5 in the St Anna archipelago south of Arko, and 2 for Karlshamn in Hanö Bucht. There will also be 1 for Hallands Väderö on the west coast. For more information see the map on their website (click on the map to drill down).

We're a great fan of these charts. They are produced by the same people who do the highly accurate (and highly desirable) nature harbour chartlets in the Nautiska Forlaget books, and are indispensible if you want to go beyond the Batsportkorts.

All charts are also available on CD in BSB format. (Note that Cmap and Navionics do NOT include these charts). Copies can be obtained direct from Hydrographica or in some of the better Watskis

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