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Cruising Guide to Germany and Denmark

Brian Navin's Cruising Guide to Germany and Denmark, we found in our initial travels, the most useful. It majors on the North Sea Coast and the main routes through Denmark (Little, Belt, Store Belt and the Sound). There have been comments recently that some of the material within it is now getting out of date, although we have found it still fairly reliable. It is poor on Harbours north of Grena, and no good for Norway, Sweden or any other Baltic Country.

Admiralty Baltic Pilot

 The Admiralty Pilot. As used by all good (big) ships. Available in three volumes (1 is for Kattegat and Skagerrak, 2 for Southern Baltic  up to Stockholm, and Vol 3 for the Northern Baltic) Concentrates mainly on large harbours,with the odd passing reference to small craft. OK for serious pilotage, but not as good as the purpose publications. A few photos.

 The Baltic Sea

The latest version of The Baltic Sea from the Royal Cruising Club foundation is a vastly improved update to an old favourite. Click here to read the full review.

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