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Sejleren's Logbog

There is no real need for me to review this - its available in full on the Web! Sejlerens have put the full guide, in searchable form, on their website

This is the major free guide available in Denmark. It covers all the Danish islands, and the Northern Coast pf Germany. Its written in both Danish and German, and the latest versions are in full colour.

The guide is available (in print anyway) in four volumes. Somewhat awkwardly, marinas only seem to stock the local volume. You can buy the set direct from the website, but I've never seen it in Bookshops.

Click to see larger imageThe volumes are:

  • Volume 1 Jylland, Leaso, Anholt and Samso
  • Volume 2 Fyn, Langeland, Aero
  • Volume 3 Sjaelland, Lolland, Falster, Mon and Bornholm
  • Volume 4 East and West Germany, and the Elbe

Up to the last couple of years, the guide has been in Black and White. The advent of colour, has made it a more serious contender but the lack of a structured text makes it difficult to get the best out of in you do not speak Danish or German. The photos are not as good as in the DV-Verlag guide, and the charts are still fairly basic.

The guide does have local adverts. You may consider this a nuisance, but actually, its useful to track down local facilities (Thats how we tracked down the Tempo chain). There is also the occasional (mostly impenetrable) article.

In practice, I don't think we've ever used this guide in anger. There are just to many better alternatives.

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